In search of the perfect gift for an outdoorsy girl this season that they will not only love but use? I’ve compiled a list of 30 fun and practical gifts that all adventure-loving gals will appreciate.

Each item on this list I either personally own and love or have added to my own wish list this year. Receiving gifts is awesome, but gifting something you know someone will love and use for years to come is even better.

Enjoy my list of 30 awesome gifts for the outdoorsy girls in your life and happy choosing!

Epic Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls

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Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls Under $35

Looking for an awesome and unique gift this year that won’t break the bank? Check out my 10 favorite gift ideas for outdoorsy girls under $35.

1. Nature Meditations Deck

The Nature Mediations Deck is the perfect gift for outdoorsy girls who are also passionate about the outdoors, prioritizing wellness, and practicing mental health.

This deck encourages users to tap into the calming and restorative qualities of nature while finding balance and clarity in one’s everyday life.

I start each morning by pulling a card and stepping outside. Look no further if you’re in search of a thoughtful and unique gift for that rad outdoorsy woman in your life.

Shop Nature Meditations Deck ($19)

2. SeaToSummit X-Brew Coffee Dripper

The SeaToSummit collapsible pour-over is the perfect gift for outdoorsy girls who appreciate having a hot cup of jo in the mountains.

There’s nothing worse than waking up to a beautiful view on a camping trip and having to suck down instant coffee. Call me bougie, but I never backpack or camp without it.

This pour-over is incredibly lightweight, easy to clean, and extremely affordable. All the coffee-loving, adventure-seeking women in your life will appreciate this one, trust me.

Shop SeatoSummit X-Brew Coffee Dripper ($20)

3. Kula Cloth

As far as practical outdoorsy gifts go, you can’t top the Kula Cloth (AKA a reusable antimicrobial pee cloth). Every seasoned female hiker and backpacker should own one.

I invested in a Kula Cloth this past backpacking season and it was a complete game changer. No more “drip drying,” and no more packing around excessive amounts of toilet paper.

A Kula Cloth is an affordable gift for outdoorsy girls that weighs nothing, clips directly onto a backpack, comes in fun colors, prints, and patterns, and is good for the environment.

As a bonus, each purchase supports a woman-owned business. Heck yeah.

Shop Kula Cloth ($20)

4. Smartwool Mid Crew Socks

Socks are always a good gift for outdoorsy girls because (let’s be honest) you can never have too many high-quality hiking socks.

Smartwool is my go-to brand for adventure socks because they are crafted with responsibly sourced merino wool, available in a women-specific fit, durable, and lightweight.

Plus, they come in a variety of awesome prints.

Shop Smartwool Mid Crew Socks ($23)

5. Merrell Patch Beanie

Is it just me or does every outdoorsy girl live in a beanie throughout the entire fall and winter seasons? While I own and love a variety of beanie brands, the Merrell Patch Beanie is my new favorite.

This beanie is designed with recycled nylon, comes in seven different colors, and includes a low-profile patch that every outdoorsy girl in your life will be stoked on.

In need of a gift for outdoorsy girls that they can rock all season long? Look no further.

Merrell Patch Beanie ($25)

6. Outdoor Research Trail Mix Ubertube

I cannot get enough of the trail mix line from Outdoor Research and I’m sure most outdoorsy women would agree. The Trail Mix buff is perfect (and practical) for every cold-weather adventure.

Buffs make awesome headbands, neck warmers, and face warmers — not to mention, they just look cool. They also make the Ubertube in more breathable fabric for those warmer adventures.

The Outdoor Research Trail Mix Ubertube is a great gift idea for adventure-seekers that will be used over and over again.

Shop Outdoor Research Trail Mix Ubertube ($26)

7. Hydro Flask Mug

For the outdoorsy gal who loves to car camp, sit on a tailgate after a long day on the ski hill, or end the night by a firepit, consider gifting a Hydro Flask mug this season.

The Hydro Flask mugs are BPA-free and phthalate-free, impressively insulated, stylish, and practical for everyday use.

Additionally, have confidence in knowing your purchase is helping a company that supports non-profit organizations focused on building, maintaining, restoring, and providing better access to parks for everyone.

Shop Hydro Flask Mug ($28)

8. Knockaround Mai Tai Polarized Sunglasses

Every adventure girl needs an epic pair of sunglasses that can withstand being tossed around.

While most polarized sunnies will burn a hole in your pocket, Knockarounds over-deliver on quality and style without the hefty price tag.

I continuously rock my Knockaround Mai Tais and constantly get asked about them. If you’re in search of a gift for outdoorsy girls that they will love and use on every adventure, these are it.

Shop Knockaround Sunglasses ($28)

9. Topo Designs Camera Strap

Everyone loves a fun camera strap and this climbing-inspired strap knocks the search out of the park.

This Topo Designs camera strap makes the perfect gift for an outdoorsy woman who enjoys climbing and also loves to document their adventures.

I swapped out my ordinary camera strap for this one a while back and it’s always a hit on the trails.

Topo Designs Camera Strap ($29)

10. Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack

Fanny packs are in and they’re here to stay. Patagonia makes a super rad and hip (pun intended) hip pack that the outdoor community can’t get enough of.

The packs are made from recycled material, come in nine different colors, and make for the perfect hiking add-on or everyday errands accessory.

I already own one but have my eye set on Sisu Brown. You can never have too many fanny packs, right?

Shop Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Mini Hip Pack ($35)

Gifts Ideas for Outdoorsy Girls Under $50 – $90

Looking to spend a little extra for that special outdoor-loving girl of yours? Below are my 10 recommendations for awesome gifts for outdoorsy women.

11. AllTrails Pro Membership

Chances are high that the rad outdoorsy woman in your life already loves and uses the app AllTrails. Gifting a year-long Pro Membership to the app is an awesome gift and one that keeps on giving.

With an AllTrails Pro Membership, members can download offline maps for trails, get alerts for wrong turns, and more.

I upgraded to Pro a few years ago and am never going back to the free version. Having access to offline maps while navigating trails in no-service areas is a game changer for avid hikers.

Shop AllTrails Pro Membership ($36)

12. Stanley Adventure Vacuum Quencher Trail Tumbler

Who doesn’t love a hearty reusable water bottle? I have yet to meet an outdoorsy gal who doesn’t get excited every single time she gets a new bottle, despite already having too many.

What makes the Stanley Quencher so awesome is the reusable straw. Something about the straw makes it easier and more enjoyable to drink water throughout the day.

While she may already have more water bottles than she needs, rest assured knowing that this one will quickly become her favorite.

Shop Stanley Adventure Vacuum Quencher Travel Tumbler ($40)

13. Klymit LUXE Pillow

In need of a gift idea for an outdoorsy girl who already has everything she needs for adventures?

A backpacking pillow is a great gift for outdoorsy girls because it’s usually one of the last items people add to their set-up as it’s more of a luxury than a necessity.

I can personally vouch for the Klymit LUXE pillow. It’s lightweight, compresses small, is surprisingly comfortable, and is equipped with a quilted cover that can be removed and washed.

Shop Klymit LUXE Pillow ($40)

14. REI Co-op Swiftland Long-Sleeve Running T-Shirt

This REI long-sleeve tee will quickly become a favorite of any outdoor-loving girl it’s gifted to. These tees are extremely comfortable, lightweight, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying.

It’s my favorite adventure shirt I own and is always a staple on my day hikes and backpacking trips. I loved it so much I went back and bought the short-sleeve.

Even better, the shirt was crafted through the use of bluesign®-approved materials and a Fair Trade Certified™ factory.

Shop REI Co-op Swiftland Long-Sleeve Running T-Shirt ($45)

15. MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights + Charger

Help turn any tent camping, car camping, or bonfire night with friends into a magical rendevous with these solar string lights from MPOWERD.

While the OG Luci light is also a great gift idea for any outdoorsy girl, the string lights can’t be topped. I never go camping without them and always see other campers admiring them from afar.

The lights are solar-powered and have mobile charging capabilities, making them the perfect 2-in-1 gift.

Shop MPOWERD Luci Solar String Lights + Charger ($50)

16. Gregory Nano 16L Backpack

Every outdoorsy girl needs a go-to day pack for hiking adventures. I’ve tried several backpacks in the past before falling in love with the Gregory Nano 16L.

This backpack is comfortable and light while still including enough structure to keep all your belongings in place. Even though it’s small and affordable, it doesn’t skimp on features.

These packs are also compatible with Gregory Reservoirs, another great gift for outdoorsy girls.

Shop Gregory Nano 16L Backpack ($50)

17. Peak Design Capture 3.0 Camera Clip

Every hiker who lugs their camera around on adventures needs the Peak Desing Camera Clip.

This clip allows users to release their camera with the ease of a button and prevents the camera from hanging heavingly or swinging.

The clips aren’t big or bulky, are easy to install and remove, and fit on most backpack straps. For that special adventure photographer in your life, this is a gift they are sure to love.

Shop Peak Design Capture 3.0 Camera Clip ($75)

18. America the Beautiful Annual Park Pass

The awesomeness of this gift speaks for itself. The gift of access to National Parks all around the country is hard to top. Gifting items is always fun, but gifting an experience takes the cake.

If your outdoorsy gal pal loves to travel, explore parks, and experience national wonders consider gifting her an America the Beautiful Park Pass.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to tag along on some of her park adventures.

Shop America the Beautiful Park Pass ($80)

19. KAVU Pocatello Overalls

Trust me when I say, these KAVU overalls will become her favorite item of clothing overnight. They are comfortable, cozy, unique, and downright rad.

If I had a dollar for every time I got asked about my KAVU overalls I’d have enough money to buy all the overalls my heart desires. I already own this style in the purple mix, the San Blas overalls in black (these are a must also…), and now I’m hoping to see these all-black Pocatello’s appear under my tree.

FYI — They sell out quickly so don’t wait. If you’re eyeing this gift for your outdoorsy girl, get on it.

Shop KAVU Pocatello Overalls ($80)

20. Outdoor Research Tundra Aerogel Booties

Now that I own a pair of insulated booties, I’m not sure how I ever survived the winter without them. Booties are a great gift for any outdoorsy girl who hates being cold.

They are the perfect accessory for any camping trip, backpacking trip, post-ski-day, or lazy evening around the house.

Think sleeping bag, but for your feet.

Shop Outdoor Research Tundra Aerogel Booties ($90)

Gifts for Outdoorsy Girls $100 and Up

Tis’ the season to go big — check out my favorite adventure items this season that I’m certain every outdoorsy girl will drool over. Here are 10 gift ideas for outdoorsy women I recommend for over $100.

21. REI Co-op Flexlite Air Chair

There’s nothing better than arriving at camp after a long day of hiking and getting to plop down into a real chair.

Hikers go back and forth over whether a camp chair is worth the added weight, but with the REI Flexlite chair, the choice is easy. The chair only weighs 1lb, assembles and breaks down easily, and makes those nights at camp that much better.

Want to be the gifter of the item she can’t quit raving about? This chair is it.

Shop REI Co-op Flexlite Air Chair ($100)

22. Patagonia Long-Sleeve Midweight Fjord Flannel Shirt

Similar to beanies, outdoorsy gals can never have too many flannels. I’ve been eyeing this flannel all season and think I might just have to pull the trigger.

With any Patagonia purchase, you never have to question the quality of materials, the impact on the environment, or the ethics behind the creation. Anything Patagonia makes for a perfect gift for outdoorsy girls and you can be confident in knowing that your money is supporting a good company.

Patagonia wear doesn’t come cheap, but it’s an item she’ll keep wearing for many years to come.

Shop Patagonia Long-Sleeve Midweight Fjord Flannel Shirt ($100)

23. REI Co-op Pack Away Bin

The REI Pack Away Bin is an awesome gift for someone who loves to car camp or road trip. The bins are heavy-duty and come in two different sizes.

The packing cubes also make a perfect additional gift to go with the bin. While this gift is more practical than it is glamorous, it’s that item that every outdoorsy girl will want (she just doesn’t know it yet).

Shop REI Co-Op Pack Away Bin ($109)

24. Birkenstock Boston Soft Footbed

Birkenstock clogs are about as timeless of a gift as it gets. They were cool when we were in middle school and they are still cool today.

Anyone who has ever owned a pair of Birkenstocks knows how incredible they are. They only get more comfortable as they age, and they miraculously look good with everything.

The trick, however, is scoring some before they sell out.

Shop Birkenstock Boston Soft Footbed ($150)

25. Stio Pinedale Pant

Every outdoorsy girl is constantly on the lookout for the perfect hiking pant — well, look no further.

I am beyond obsessed with these pants, so much so, I bought them in two colors. These pants are incredibly durable and stretchy. They’re high-waisted and flattering and are a pant you can wear in any season.

Gift your favorite outdoorsy girl these pants and I promise she won’t stop talking about them.

Shop Stio Pinedale Pant ($169)

26. Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Blanket

Every outdoorsy woman should have a Rumpl Blanket on hand. If you happen to know one who doesn’t you’ve found your gift.

Rumpl blankets are made from recycled synthetic fibers that mimic down. They are super lightweight, pack small, and surprisingly overdeliver on warmth.

As a bonus, they come in several fun colors and prints.

Shop Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Blanket ($179)

27. Selk’ Bag Original Recycled Wearable Sleeping Bag

Does a Selk’ Bag look ridiculous? Possibly. Is it the most genius thing ever invented? Most definitely.

A Selk’ Bag is at the top of my own wish list this holiday season (Cole I’m looking at you, hint hint!) and I plan to never take it off once I get it.

A Selk Bag is a fun, practical, and unique gift for any outdoorsy girl in your life.

Shop Selk’ Bag ($199)

28. Blundstone Chelsea Boots

Blundstones are iconic and deserve to be on the feet of every outdoor chick. They’re timeless, durable, and here to stay as far as trends go. They’re such a hit they also made the cut for my Gift Guide for Outdoorsy Guys.

They are available in a variety of colors, styles, textures, and degrees of warmth and waterproofness. While they come with a hefty price tag, they deliver on quality and last for years. Everyone who owns a pair of Blundstones will back them.

Looking for the gift? You’ve found it.

Shop Blundstone Chelsea Boots ($210)

29. Patagonia Nano-Air Jacket

The Patagonia Nano-Air Jacket does it all — warms you when you’re cold, and temperate regulates when you start to heat up during an adventure.

This jacket acts as the perfect outer layer for temperate days or the clutch base layer on ski days. As soon as the air starts turning crisp, I never venture outdoors without it.

Snag this gift for an outdoorsy gal and you’ll see her wearing it for the next decade.

Shop Patagonia Nano-Air Jacket ($249)

30. BioLite FirePit+

Every adventure gal will appreciate a portable fire pit that allows her to follow Leave No Trace principles while creating a cozy atmosphere everywhere she goes.

BioLite thought of everything with this fire pit. From breathable mesh siding that allows heat to escape, to a solar-powered battery pack that supplies the fire with oxygen so it can effortlessly continue to burn.

We take our fire pit with us everywhere we go, thanks to its portable design. If you want to go big on your gift this year, gift your gal a BioLite FirePit+.

Shop BioLite FirePit+ ($299)

Still looking for ideas? Check out my Backpacking Essentials Gear Guide for even more adventurous gift ideas for outdoorsy girls. If your gift helps her get outside or helps her enjoy her time outside, she’ll love it. I promise.

If you still can’t make up your mind, you can never go wrong with gifting an REI Gift Card so she can choose the perfect gift herself.

Remember to show some love for the outdoorsy guys in your life this time of year as well. Check out my list of 21 Unique Gifts for Outdoorsy Guys to help you gift the perfect item this holiday season.

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