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Girl walking atop Devils Bridge in Sedona Arizona
Arizona Hiking

Devils Bridge Hike in Sedona: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re planning a trip to Sedona, chances are you have your sights set on completing the Devils Bridge hike. The bridge is an iconic rock formation and a rite of passage for Sedona first-timers. Devils Bridge is the largest sandstone arch in Sedona making it a very popular and heavily trafficked destination. It won’t …

Panoramic view of red mountains surrounding Sedona from the top of Wilson Mountain Trail
Arizona Hiking

Wilson Mountain Trail: Hiking The Tallest Mountain in Sedona

Distance: 11.5 miles | Type: Out-and-Back | Time: 6 – 7 hrs |  Level: Hard Wilson Mountain Trail was our favorite hiking adventure in Sedona. It’s the tallest peak in the area and rewards hikers with endless views of Sedona and beyond. While the hike is long, the trail is well maintained, and effectively graded making it an enjoyable hike …

Panoramic view from the summit of Bear Mountain Sedona
Arizona Hiking

Bear Mountain Sedona: A Challenging Hike Worth the Climb

Distance: 5 miles | Type: Out-and-Back | Time: 3.5 hrs – 5 hrs |  Level: Hard Bear Mountain Trail in Sedona is a challenging hike that leads to panoramic views of red rocks, canyons, buttes, and mountains. The trail is rugged, exposed, and puts hikers to work from the get-go. While the elevation never lets up, neither do the unobstructed …