Whether you’re traveling to Arizona to hit the trails or hit the spa, The Wilde Resort and Spa is the best place to stay in Sedona.

The resort is classy and over-delivers on service, amenities and views. Newly renovated and rebranded, the resort boasts beautiful rooms and manicured grounds, welcoming and helpful staff, and stunning views of Thunder Mountain.

Below I share why The Wilde Resort and Spa is the best place to stay in Sedona, as well as what to expect during your stay. Stick around to the end to read about must-do adventures near the resort you won’t want to miss.

Why The Wilde Resort and Spa is the Best Place to Stay in Sedona

The sun setting on Thunder Mountain behind the Wilde Resort and Spa

The Wilde Resort and Spa

Disclaimer: I stayed at The Wilde Resort and Spa as part of a collaboration. All opinions included in this guide are my own.

The Rooms

The Wilde Resort and Spa rooms are newly renovated and polished. I loved the simple, yet luxurious, details.

Our king room boasted stunning views of the red rocks, a private patio, and courtyard access. If available, I highly recommend booking a room that faces Thunder Mountain. You will not find a more stunning sight come sunset.

My favorite part of the room was the large soaker tub and corner fireplace. Once I put on the cozy white robe I found in the dresser, I contemplated never leaving the room.

Does get it any better than taking a bubble bath while sipping champagne on vacation? I say no.

While our room was beautiful down to the smallest of details, it was only one of the many reasons we loved our stay at The Wilde Resort and Spa.

The Resort Grounds

Woman sitting near a fire pit on the rooftop patio at The Wilde Resort and Spa

Apart from the individual rooms, the resort is beautiful. There is a courtyard in the back facing Thunder Mountain that has community fire pits, hammocks, corn hole boards, and a large grass lawn.

In the center of the property there is the sun deck, pool, and hot tub, as well as a beautiful, brightly tiled bar. Had we not been visiting during winter it would have been hard to pull me away from this area.

Hands down my favorite aspect of the resort was the rooftop deck. Cole and I reported to the rooftop for the resort’s sunset happy hour and were immediately enamored with the setup.

Guests are given a complimentary drink to enjoy at sunset. The deck has plenty of tables and lounge seats, as well as fire pits.

We stayed until dark.

I’m convinced that The Wilde and Resort and Spa rooftop provides the best sunset views of Thunder Mountain in all of Sedona. The mountain was completely illuminated by the setting sun, a sight I won’t be forgetting.

The Haven Spa

The Haven Spa at The Wilde Resort and Spa

My only regret for our time at the resort was not utilizing the spa. Our travel itineraries always consist of sunrise hikes, afternoon hikes, and evening hikes — all jokes aside. Naturally, it never dawned on me to leave enough time in the itinerary to book a spa day.

By the time I realized I should, of course, do so, it was already too late. All services were booked for the remainder of our stay.

Don’t make the same mistake as me. Take advantage of the gorgeous spa and extensive list of services.

The Restaurant: Rascal

The restaurant, Rascal, at The Wilde Resort and Spa

While staying at The Wilde Resort and Spa make sure to also plan ahead and make a reservation at the on-site restaurant, Rascal.

Everything from the environment to the entrees, drinks to the deserts were absolutely delicious. We also had the kindest and most attentive waiter. He gave us a ton of local insight to nearby adventures in the area.

The Staff

While I loved everything about the resort, the number one reason I truly believe that The Wilde Resort and Spa is the best place to stay in Sedona is because of the staff.

My husband and I have traveled to multiple states and countries together and both agree that we have never been treated better.

The staff at The Wilde Resort and Spa are attentive, kind, helpful, and truly make you feel like you are their number one guest.

As we were leaving we told them that we wished we could stay forever, and we meant it.

The Location

The Wilde Resort and Spa is the best place to stay in Sedona because it is an adventurer’s ideal home-base. The resort is just minutes from some of Sedona’s best hiking and mountain biking adventures.

We never had to drive more than 15 minutes to go on a hike, go mountain biking, take a jeep tour, or enjoy a stunning desert sunset. When your primary vacation goal is always early morning adventures, location is everything.

Adventures Near The Wilde Resort and Spa

Bear Mountain Trail

Female hiker standing on a rock on Bear Mountain Trail looking over all of Sedona
Bear Mountain Trail

Hiking Bear Mountain Trail was one of our favorites things we did during our trip to Sedona and it was only a 13 minute drive from the resort.

Bear Mountain is a strenuous 5 mile trail that essentially takes hikers straight up. The trail makes you work extremely hard but graciously gives you views the entire trek up.

Next to Wilson Mountain Trail, the top of Bear Mountain was our favorite view in Sedona. For more information, check out my guide, Bear Mountain Sedona: A Challenging Hike Worth the Climb.

Fay Canyon Trail

Female hiker laying down at the end of Fay Canyon Trail at sunset
Fay Canyon Trail

Conveniently located just down the road from Bear Mountain Trailhead is Fay Canyon Trail. Don’t let the short 2.3 mile trail length fool you into thinking it’s not worth your time.

Unlike Bear Mountain, Fay Canyon Trail takes hikers along the canyon floor. While most of the hike is covered in canopy, those adventurous enough to walk a short distance past the “Trail ends here sign” are in for a treat.

Scurry up the rocks just passed the end of the trail to witness a unique and breathtaking view of the area.

Devil’s Bridge Trail

Female hiker walking along Devil's Bridge on Devil's Bridge Trail in Sedona
Devil’s Bridge

Located just an 8 minute drive from The Wilde Resort and Spa is one of Sedona’s most iconic hikes: Devil’s Bridge Trail.

While a hike should always be more about the journey than the destination, there’s no hiding that the bridge itself is the gem of this trail. The bridge is set against a stunning backdrop with seemingly endless views of the surrounding red rocks.

Wondering how I got the bridge all to myself? There’s a line of people just out of view, and from what I’ve been told, there will be a line no matter what time you start the hike.

Be patient and considerate of others.

Mountain Biking

Female biker mountain biking in Soldier's Pass in Sedona
Mountain Biking near Soldier’s Pass

Just .5 miles up the road from the resort is Thunder Mountain Bikes, a great one-stop shop for rental gear in Sedona.

We rented bikes and pedaled out to some nearby trails. Sedona has an extensive mountain biking route system all within pedaling distance of the resort.

To be honest, I was a little out of my league biking in Sedona as a beginner mountain biker. However, you don’t have to be an expert mountain biker to have fun as long as you are down to walk your bike at times.

Jeep Tour

Girl hanging outside of a parked red jeep on a jeep tour in Sedona
Jeep Tour with Red Rock Western Jeep Tours

The Wilde Resort and Spa helped us book an awesome jeep tour through the nearby shop Red Rock Western Jeep Tours.

We booked the Soldier’s Pass Trail Jeep Tour and were able to explore well-known sights like the Sinkhole and Seven Sacred Pools.

The best part? It was just Cole and I on the tour, accompanied by our wonderful and knowledgeable guide.

Guided Trips

Have you visited Sedona? If you have any further questions about where to stay in Sedona, or the best way to explore all the adventure town has to offer, drop me a message in the comment section below!

Happy adventuring!

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