What better way to experience Sedona than by booking a romantic weekend getaway at a picturesque hotel tucked away in the heart of town? El Portal Sedona Hotel is not only elegant but unique, down to the smallest of details.

This adobe-inspired hotel is the perfect blend of grandeur and cozy. The hotel is made up of 12 unique rooms, a stunning lobby, and central courtyard. Before our stay was up, El Portal felt like home. We truly did not want to leave.

Continue reading for an overview of the rooms, location, and nearby adventures. You’ll have no trouble understanding why El Portal Sedona Hotel is a must-pick for couples looking for a romantic weekend getaway in Sedona.

Why you Should Stay at El Portal on Your Romantic Weekend Getaway in Sedona

Woman leading against a door frame in a robe at El Portal Sedona Hotel

El Portal Sedona Hotel

Disclaimer: I stayed at El Portal Sedona Hotel as part of a collaboration. All opinions included in this guide are my own.

The Rooms

One of the details that makes El Portal Sedona Hotel one of the most unique places to stay for a weekend getaway in Sedona is that each of the 12 rooms are different.

We had the pleasure of staying in Suite 4, the “Arts and Crafts” room. I am not exaggerating when I say our jaws nearly hit the floor when we entered the room. The architecture and layout is stunning, luxurious, and warm.

Inside of the suite 4 room at El Portal Hotel in Sedona

After taking once glance around I immediately turned to Cole and said, “We’re never leaving this room.”

While I can’t speak on behalf of the other rooms, though I’m sure each is just as charming, our suite had everything one could want for a romantic weekend getaway in Sedona.

Tucked away in the corner of the room was a beautiful beehive fireplace. The fireplace completely stole the show. I couldn’t get enough of it.

The bathroom had a gorgeous tiled walk-in shower and large whirl-tub. Located just outside our room was a private, fenced-in patio with a gas fire pit.

Oh, and did I mention the incredible southwest-inspired robes waiting for us in the closet?

Woman sitting on the floor in a robe in front of a lite beehive fireplace

We visited Sedona with lofty plans to hike before the sun every day. However, like I mentioned before, the hotel made it very hard to even want to leave the room — In the best way.

The Courtyard and Lobby

Situated in the center of the hotel is a beautiful courtyard. We visited during winter but I can only imagine how stunning the space must be in the spring and summer.

In the evenings, we grabbed a beer and sat around the communal fire pit. Each night we were happily joined by other guests and spent hours swapping stories and laughing around the fire.

During our stay at El Portal Sedona Hotel it didn’t feel like we were on a weekend getaway in Sedona at all but rather at home, hanging with old friends.

Eating area inside of El Portal Sedona Hotel situated next to several windows with lots of natural light pouring in

Inside the cottage-like lobby is a grand fireplace, stunning dining area, and convenient honor-system bar. We loved the convenience of being able to grab a beer from the fridge. The hotel also serves a delicious continental breakfast.

Oh, and did I mention the complimentary s’more kits?

El Portal Sedona Hotel Location

Not only was El Portal stunning in design and decor but the hotel’s location was also perfect for our weekend getaway in Sedona.

The hotel is the ideal blend of location convenience and seclusion. The hotel is quaint and quiet but just a short walk from it is the renowned Art town of Tlaquepaque and a variety of restaurants.  

We also adventured all around Sedona and never had to drive more than 15 minutes to reach our destination. Talk about the perfect set-up for the ultimate weekend getaway in Sedona.

Below are some of our favorite adventures we took during our trip. However, trust me when I say, you’re going to want to stay longer than a weekend in Sedona.

Adventures near El Portal Sedona Hotel

Wilson Mountain Trail

Female hiker standing on the Wilson Mountain Trail looking out over Sedona

Wilson Mountain Trail was hands down our favorite overall hike in Sedona and only a nine minute drive from El Portal. The trail is less talked about compared to hikes like Cathedral Rock or Devil’s Bridge but it absolutely needs to be on the top of your list.

It was one of the trails recommended to me by a local. Local’s always know best.

Wilson Mountain Trail is long and scenic, and provides sweeping views over all of Sedona. If your legs are up for the trek, I recommend starting the trail at sunrise. While the trail takes a steady incline all the way to the top, it’s well designed and perfectly utilizes switchbacks that help keep the hike enjoyable, despite the elevation gain.

To sweeten the deal, we also passed only a handful of other hikers on the trail.

Cathedral Rock Trail

Bright red sunset casting on the rocks at Cathedral Rock

While Cathedral Rock Trail is no secret in Sedona, it absolutely lives up to its reputation. We hiked to the top of Cathedral Rock for sunset and it was downright magical.

To make the hike a bit longer and see more of the surrounding area we did Cathedral Rock via the Baldwin Trail. If you have the time, I would recommend tacking on the Baldwin Trail. The trail is relatively flat, barely trafficked, and offers different scenery than your typical Sedona hike.

The last stretch of the hike is pretty brutal in terms of elevation and foot traffic — but, trust me it’s worth it. No words can describe the feeling of watching the rocks glow vibrant red with the setting sun.

Don’t forget your headlamp for the way back down!

Red Rock Balloon Adventures

Yellow hot air balloon off in the distance flying over Sedona

Whatever you do, don’t miss the opportunity to float in a hot air balloon over Sedona at sunrise. Doing so was a bucket list item of mine and well worth the money.

Red Rock Balloon Adventures was great and picked us up from the hotel. You get to experience the sunrise from thousands of feet up and catch a birds eye view over Sedona’s canyons and sandstone rock formations. You even get to celebrate with a champagne toast and good company at the end.

Just make sure to book your hot air balloon tour for the beginning of your trip. Weather has to be perfect for the tour and can get cancelled last minute. To be safe, leave yourself some days to reschedule.

It wouldn’t be the perfect weekend getaway in Sedona without it.

Other Guided Tours

Have you visited Sedona? If you have any further questions about where to stay in Sedona, or the best way to explore all the adventure town has to offer, drop me a message in the comment section below!

Happy adventuring!

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