‘Tis the season to start picking out the perfect gifts for the outdoorsy guys in your life. Included in this guide are 60 gift ideas for outdoorsy guys that will encourage more time outside, more rad adventures, and more stoke.

Each item on this list Cole, my husband, either personally owns and loves or added to his wish list this year. Receiving gifts is great, but giving the gift you know that special someone will love and use for years is even better.

Enjoy this list of 60 gifts for outdoorsy guys, delivered just in time for you to spoil the adventurous men in your life this holiday.

All stoke, no stress this gifting season.

60 Epic Gifts for the Outdoorsy Guys in Your Life

Guy cooking over a camp stove in Capitol Reef National Park

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Gifts for Outdoorsy Guys under $25

Looking for stocking stuffers or just an awesome and unique gift this year that won’t break the bank? Check out Cole’s 10 picks for gifts outdoorsy gifts for guys under $25.

1. Nite Ize Gear Ties

These Nite Ize Gear Ties are the perfect stocking stuffer for guys who like to keep things organized. This simple and affordable gift for outdoorsy guys can be used for attaching things to backpacks, keeping skis together, and winding up cords or wires.

These gear ties definitely won’t disappoint this holiday season.

Shop Nite Ize Gear Ties ($5)

2. Gear Aid Tenacious Tape

green repair tape for outerwear

Down jackets that get singed near the fire, raincoats that get caught on a tree, tenacious tape repairs life’s accidents at from your home, car, or backpacking route.

Shop Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Tape ($6)

3. Voile Straps

If you choose to grab a Voile Strap as a gift for the outdoorsy man in your life, then this just might become their newest obsession in gear organization and lashing. Cole uses these straps for all sorts of outdoor sports and projects, primarily biking and skiing.

The Voile Strap keeps anything lashed to a bike, despite rough and bumpy terrain. It can encourage any rider to get into bike packing. These Voile Straps are also a great way to keep your outdoorsy guy’s skis together when traveling or touring.

You can’t go wrong with Voile straps. They’re truly a gift you can never have enough of.

Shop Voile Straps ($8)

4. Rite in the Rain Journal

yellow journal

This is the perfect journal for someone who works in any climate and under any condition. It remains waterproof if it gets caught in the rain, splashed on by coffee, or accidentally dropped in the river.

Shop Rite in the Rain Outdoor Journal – Large ($11)

5. Chums Sunglass Lanyard

lanyard for sunglasses

Who doesn’t lose a pair of sunglasses at some point in their life? You can make it a lot harder with these chums that keep your outdoorsy guy’s glasses secure around their necks.

Shop Chums Original Patterned Mix Eyewear Retainer ($11)

6. Waterproof Matches

waterproof matches

More times than not we go looking for a lighter with no luck. Keep these stormproof matches in a backpack, car glovebox, or ski kit to have quick and easy access to fire starting regardless of weather changes.

Shop UCO Titan Stormproof Match Kit ($12)

7. Coast Flashlight

black flashlight

Who doesn’t say, at one point in their life, where is a flashlight when you need one? And then do nothing about it when you never found one.

Shop Coast G22 Flashlight ($13)

8. REI Co-Op Medium Pack Towel

Blue packable towel

Having a towel you can throw in the car or pack for use “in case of sudden river/lake/ocean swimming” is a must.

Shop REI Co-op Multi Towel Lite – Medium ($16)

9. REI Dopp Kit

blue toiletries bag

Figuring out how to pack toiletries on a backpacking or travel trip can be a nightmare – if you have nothing to put them in. This Dop Kit from REI is absolutely perfect for either adventure.

Shop REI Co-op Travel Kit – Small ($17)

10. SmartWool Hike Light Socks

Every outdoorsy guy needs a trusty pair of wool hiking socks. When it comes to adventure wear, look no further than the Smartwool Hike Light series. These make for the perfect gift for any outdoorsy guy who loves to go on adventures.

They offer amazing compression and support without sacrificing cushioning where it matters.

These socks come in a variety of fun colors so you can keep your man looking sharp at work, on the trail, or out for date night.

Keep his feet warm, cozy, and comfy with these Smartwool socks.

Shop Smartwool Hike Light Sock ($24)

Gifts for Outdoorsy Guys under $50

Able to spend a little more? These gift ideas are bound to impress and excite your outdoorsy guy without breaking the bank. Take a look at Cole’s 15 picks for outdoorsy gifts for guys under $50.

11. Sawyer Mini Water Filter

water filter

This is easily the smallest and most packable water filter on the market, plus you cannot beat the price. The filter is foolproof and lasts for hundreds of uses.

Shop Sawyer Mini Water Filter ($25)

12. Zippo Windproof Lighter

orange lighter

Having a lighter you can trust may not be an everyday thought, but it is a thought your outdoorsy guy probably has each time he’s used on that didn’t work. Whether firing up the stove in the backcountry, starting the fire for your shin-dig, or keeping in the car for emergencies, all outdoorsy guys can trust a name like Zippo.

Shop Zippo Windproof Light ($25)

13. Outdoor Research Trail Mix Ubertube

orange fleece buff

This is a go to for any adventure. Need a headband? Need something to keep your ears warm? Want to breathe easy in sub-freezing temperatures? Need some extra warmth? Look to the OR Trail Mix Ubertube to solve all these problems and more.

Shop Outdoor Research Trail Mix Ubertube Neck Gaiter ($26)

14. MPOWERED Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern

solar lantern

This is one of our most favorite products we have ever owned. As the company continues to improve their inflatable solar lanterns, we continue to upgrade our old ones and look forward to seeing what they will do next. These Luci Lanterns provide a highly packable, solar charged lantern for car camping, tent camping, or backpacking.

Shop MPOWERED Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern: Outdoor 2.0 ($30)

15. REI Swiftland Gaiter

black running shoe gaiter

Got a pesky pebble in your shoe and in too much of a groove to take off your shoe and scoop it out? Use these gaiters to eliminate the possibility of that pebble ever making it inside. These gaiters are perfect for anything from dusty to wet to scree hikes and will keep all of the above out of the shoe.

Shop REI Co-op Swiftland Running Gaiters ($30)

16. Toaks Light Titanium 550ml Cup/Pot

grey pot

Starting to build an ultralight backpacking kitchen set can be intimidating. Toaks makes incredible titanium products that drastically reduce weight without breaking the bank. The 550ml Pot serves as a pot in a pinch or a cup for daily use in the backcountry.

Shop Toaks Light Titanium 550ml Cup/Pot ($30)

17. Thermarest Z Sit Pad

yellow sit pad

Another way to lessen your pack weight while still living in luxury is to opt for a sit pad. These Therm-a-Rest Z pads weigh 2 ounces and yet provide a whole new world of comfort when picking a spot to sit. The can also be used in conjunction with ultralight packs to create more support. 

Shop Therm-a-Rest Z-Seat Pad ($33)

18. Crankbrothers M19 Bike Tool

Grey bike tool

This is THE ultimate bike tool. It can handle nearly any quick repair for your outdoorsy guy’s bike without having to take the bike to the shop or hop off the trail. It can easily fit in a fanny pack, or frame pack and can be taken along no matter the ride type. 

Shop Crankbrothers M19 Multi-Tool ($33)

19. Outdoor Research Trail Mix Gloves

Does your man hate admitting that his hands are cold? Consider gifting these stylish, comfortable, and practical gloves. These gloves will help keep any guy’s hands warm without sacrificing dexterity or the ability to still use a cell phone.

The Trail Mix gloves from Outdoor Research are the perfect companion for winter hiking, walking, skiing, or just exploring downtown. They also come in fun and earthy colors.

Don’t overthink your gift for that special outdoorsy guy — Keep it easy with these gloves.

Shop Outdoor Research Trail Mix Gloves ($35)

20. BlackStrap Balaclava

Do the men in your life love skiing or snowboarding? This balaclava is the perfect gift for outdoorsy guys who love to spend time on the mountain — especially if there is fresh pow. It can easily be layered under a helmet to keep their face shielded from the wind, snow, or ice.

This is the perfect gift for guys who like to style their “kits” with colors. Add a pop of color with orange, or keep it simple with traditional black or grey.

Shop BlackStrap Balaclava ($35)

21. Patagonia Fanny Pack

This Patagonia Ultralight Blackhole Fanny Pack is the perfect man-purse. It’s just large enough to hold a cell phone, wallet, keys, and any other small miscellaneous items. It works perfectly when worn as a crossbody or fanny pack, and fits any occasion from heading out to the bar or out for a 20-mile bike ride.

The perfect gift for any outdoorsy guy who wants to opt outside but also wants to ensure all his things stay put for the ride.

Shop Patagonia Ultralight BlackHole Fanny Pack ($35)

22. Rumpl Beer Blanket Set

drink koozie pack

Who doesn’t have a collection of koozies in some top drawer of their kitchen? With these Rumpl koozies you can toss that drawer out. These guys pack down into tiny little cubes and take up virtually no space. You can zip them into your cooler or even keep one on your keys. 

Shop Rumpl Beer Blanket – 6-Pack ($40)

23. GSI Backcountry Coffee Grinder

Grey plastic coffee bean grinder

Love the taste of fresh ground coffee? Does pre-ground coffee taste dry and weak? Well GSI has a solution to this for all your backcountry adventures. Their bean grinder allows you to take whole bean coffee and grind it fresh each morning for the best backcountry cup-o-joe imaginable.

Shop GSI Outdoors JavaGrind Coffee Grinder ($40)

24. Thule Packing Cubes

white packing cubes

Packing cubes are a must for not only compressing your clothes for travel but also adding layers of organization. These packing cubes from Thule do just that, in an ultralight, super-packable fabric.

Shop Thule Compression Packing Cube Set ($45)

25. REI Sahara Sun Hoody

green sun hooded sweatshirt

Together, my husband and I have tried nearly every sun hoody, well, under the sun. To date the Sahara Sun Hoody from REI is the most comfortable, and is consistently reached for when leaving the house whether it’s for use as a base layer or scorching sun on the river. Trust me, your outdoorsy guy won’t want to take it off! 

Shop REI Co-op Sahara Shade Hoodie ($50)

Gifts for Outdoorsy Guys Over $50

Have a budget to make even more of a splash with your gift. These 15 gift recommendations range from $50 to $100 and won’t disappoint.

26. Gerber Hatchet

This gift for outdoorsy guys will most definitely result in more nights around the campfire. There is no better feeling than a warm fire on a cold winter night. This Gerber Hatchet makes it easy to split logs, make kindling, get a fire started, and keep it going all night long.

Make winter more tolerable and enjoyable with this Gerber hatchet.

Shop Gerber 14″ Hatchet ($55)

27. Dakine Hot Laps Bike Waist Pack

black fanny pack

Sometimes our bike rides last a little longer than we anticipated and having extra water, some snacks, or tools along the way are essential. With the Dakine Hot Laps Waist Pack, you can store all of that and even a pa

Shop Dakine Hot Laps 2L Bike Waist Pack ($55)

28. Sole Thin Cork Insoles

Spending all day in hiking, ski, or work boots can turn a good time into a miserable time, quickly.

After trying many different insoles over the years, Cole swears these SOLE Performance Thin Insoles fit the bill. This gift for outdoorsy guys won’t take up too much space inside of boots and will keep any feet happy for a variety of adventures.

These insoles will mold to the shape of his foot over time, they are anti-microbial and are made from recycled corks.

Shop SOLE Performance Thin Cork Insole ($59)

29. Snow Peak LiteMax Backpacking Stove

Have you been thinking about shaving some weight with your backcountry set-up?

This Snow Peak LiteMax Stove not only saves weight but also saves space. The stove is made from lightweight Japanese titanium, making it the perfect gift for any outdoorsy guy to help him pack light for his next backpacking trip.

A great feature of this stove is flame control. The stove allows you to adjust the flame from simmer to boil – a feature that illudes other comparable stoves of this weight and size.

Snow Peak LiteMax Stove ($60)

30. Black Diamond Storm 450 Headlamp

green headlamp

We have tried a lot of different headlamps, but nothing is quite like the Black Diamond Storm Headlamp. This little light packs 450 lumens (very powerful light) and is waterproof, meaning it can get caught in the rain with no concern. That makes it a great option for ski touring, biking and backpacking, and all other possible uses your outdoorsy guy can think of. 

Shop Black Diamond Storm 450 Headlamp ($60)

31. Backcountry Access Dozer Avalanche Shovel

blue snow shovel

Whether your outdoorsy guy frequents the backcountry or the ski hill parking lot, having an avalanche shovel on hand is a must. Use it for digging test pits, parking lot snow sofas, or the car out in a storm. 

Shop Backcountry Access Dozer 1T Avalanche Shovel ($60)

32. Biolite Charge Power Bank

grey and yellow portable charger

Having a backup battery is never a bad thing when traveling or adventuring off the grid. A portable power bank like the BioLite Charge 40 provides 2.5 charges for your outdoorsy guy’s cell phone while he’s in the backcountry. 

Shop BioLite Charge 40 PD Power Bank ($60)

33. Hydroflask Insulated Growler

Have a guy in mind who likes beer, especially trying new beers, and is always making sure they stay cold? The Hydroflask Brew Bundle is an awesome gift for outdoorsy guys who love to try new breweries and fill a growler to go. Compared to traditional glass growlers, the Hydroflask Growler keeps beer cold. 

grey growler

Shop Hydroflask Growler ($65)

34. M-Powered Luci 44 Foot Solar String Lights

rechargeable and packable string lights

Instantly create an amazingly comfy and homey vibe to any campsite. These lights are a must whenever we take our camper out. They create a perfect string of lights around our camper and picnic table and pack up.

Shop MPOWERED Luci 44′ Solar String Lights + Detachable Power Hub ($70)

35. Stanley French Press

How much coffee is too much coffee? The limit does not exist.

If your outdoorsy guy is a sucker for multiple cups of hot coffee that can be enjoyed throughout the day, at home, or while car camping — look no further than the Stanley French Press.

This gift is sure to be a hit, and all the coffee-loving men thank you in advance.

Shop Stanley French Press ($70)

36. JBL Clip 4 Speaker

grey portable speaker

Made from 90% post-consumer recycled plastic, dustproof and waterproof, and with 10 hours of play on a single charge, the JBL Clip 4 is the perfect speaker for any adventure. 

Shop JBL Clip 4 Eco Speaker ($80)

37. REI Flexlite Camp Boss Chair

black packable chair

Packable camp chairs might save on weight but can feel like their are ready to collapse under you. The Flexlite Boss camp chair provides a more robust seat and frame for the outdoorsy guys whole may exceed the weight limit of some smaller packable chairs, or just want a chair that they can feel confident sitting in without sacrificing packability and weight. 

Shop REI Co-op Flexlite Camp Boss Chair ($90)

38. Teva ReEmber Terrain Slip-Ons

green insulated slipper

Meet your outdoorsy guy’s new favorite footwear. An all-terrain slipper that is easy to put on or take off. Wear it to grab firewood, up to the ski hill, or out on the town. 

Shop Teva ReEmber Terrain Slip-Ons ($90)

39. Nocs Provisions Standard Issue Binocular

blue binoculars

These binoculars were purpose-built for travel and adventure. They stand ready to be thrown in a backpack and taken on a hike or while boating the river in the summer. Don’t skip on these for your bird-loving outdoorsy guy. 

Shop Nocs Provisions Standard Issue Waterproof 10×25 Binoculars ($95)

40. Vuori Kore Jogger

charcoal jogger pant

Vuori makes some of the most comfortable clothing out there to date. Not only is it comfortable but it is also simple and stylish. These joggers are the perfect pant for use around the house or out and about. Trust me, you’ll want a pair for yourself too. 

Shop Vuori Kore Joggers ($98)

Gifts for Outdoorsy Guys Over $100

These gift ideas are for the boujee boys – or as Cole would argue, are for the outdoorsy guys who want products that can uphold during any adventure and stand the test of time.

Think of these gifts as investments.

41. REI Co-Op Pack-Away Bin (100L)

blue gear tote

No trip planning or packing feels complete without organization. Organization is key to a good road trip, camp trip, or outdoor adventure. With the REI Pack-Away Bin you can keep all of your camp kitchen together in one and all of your tent and sleep accessories in another. Either way you use it, for designated storage, or trip packing, these bins will ensure you know where your things are when you arrive at your destination. 

Shop REI Co-op Pack-Away Bin (100L) ($110)

42. Leatherman Wave

silver multi-tool and knife

We can’t even count on our four hands the number of times we wished we would have brought the Leatherman on a trip with us. These tools are priceless when traveling and can serve countless purposes all in the palm of your hand. The Leatherman Wave is packed with multiple sizes of screwdriver, needle nose pliers, a knife, serrated knife, saw, and file, and much more – including a can opener! If you forget anything at home, at least remember the Leatherman, because chances are it can fill the place of that forgotten item. 

Shop Leatherman Wave Plus Multi-Tool ($120)

43. Give’r Four Season Glove

Looking for gloves that can do it all? Look no further.

This glove can be worn while chopping wood, handling firewood, shoveling the driveway, scraping the windshield, skiing, touring, snowmobiling – you name it.

This a practical gift for outdoorsy guys who don’t want the changing seasons to keep them from doing the things they love.

Add a touch of personalization by opting to have these gloves waxed or initialed.

Shop Give’r Four Season Glove ($120)

44. Chaco Paonia Clog

brown slip on clog

The Chaco Paonia Clog is the perfect shoe for all occasions. Slip them on after the ski or bike day, wear them while working in the yard or waxing skis, or take them for a night out or a trip to the pizza parlor. These clogs are made with premium leather and a wool lining to keep you feel comfortable through all of the seasons. 

Shop Chaco Paonia Clog ($120)

45. Amazon Kindle Paper White

Black ebook Reader

Having a book that you can take on a trip is one thing, but what about an endless supply of reading material? The Kindle is your answer, and not only that, but it takes up less space than a book and has a built-in backlight so there is no need for additional lighting to be brought along. Not only that, but you can link your public library account using an app called Libby and have access to thousands of online books.

Shop Kindle Paperwhite (8GB) ($140)

46. Kelty Low Loveseat

green two person packable chair

Now this is the first item we don’t actually own, but hands down is on our list to buy. Every time our friends bring the Kelty Loveseat to a sports game, campsite, or ski hill parking lot we find ourselves comfortably lounging in it over our own chairs.

Shop Kelty Low Loveseat ($140)

47. Osprey Solden 22 Snow Pack

black backcountry ski backpack

Finding a ski pack that can be used for both in-bounds and out-of-bounds can be a challenge. 22 liters is a good compromise, and the Osprey Solden 22 packs this size pack full of features. With a designated backcountry kit pocket, a stowaway helmet carrier, and back panel access, your outdoorsy guy can carry all of his ski essentials in one place. 

Shop Osprey Soelden 22 Snow Pack ($160)

48. Smith Session Bike Helmet

green and blue bike helmet

Protecting your noggin is a must, but doing it in style is an option. Why not provide some of the best protection with hands-down timeless style? The Smith Session Bike Helmet comes in an assortment of rad colors, is super lightweight, and can be worn for any style of ride – from enduro to gravel. 

Shop Smith Session MIPS Bike Helmet ($170)

49. Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Trekking Poles

blue packable trekking poles

Why not get a pair of trekking poles, everyone is doing it. Seriously, since beginning to hike with poles, we can’t stop – and don’t want to. But, there are two factors to consider when making the leap. The first is packability, and Z Poles from Black Diamond are the absolute best at packing down. The second is weight. Carbon is going to accomplish that without a doubt. So what does this all mean? Get yourself (or your outdoorsy guy) a pair of BD Distance Carbon Z Poles and never buy another pair of trekking poles again. 

Shop Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Poles – Pair ($190)

50. Patagonia Insulated Fjord Jacket

green insulated flannel

Who doesn’t love fall, winter, and early spring for breaking out the layers and jackets? One way to add warmth and style without looking like you’re headed to summit Mt. Rainier is the Patagonia Insulated Fjord jacket. Is it a flannel, or is it a jacket? It’s both! This thick flannel is lined with synthetic insulation (learn more here) and features two hand pockets. Definitely size this up to serve as an overshirt for any adventure. 

Shop Patagonia Insulated Fjord Flannel Jacket ($190)

Gifts for Outdoorsy Guys Over $200

Did you forget a birthday and anniversary and looking to combine a couple of special days into one? These gifts can help fill that need or just be proof of how much you love your outdoorsy guy. Check out these 10 gifts that go above and beyond.

51. Topo Designs Global Travel Bag

Blue travel backpack

Pack perfectly, remain organized, and keep all your essentials in one place with the Topo Designs Global Travel Bag. Seriously, the number of pockets in this thing is out of control.

Your outdoorsy guy won’t know what to do with all this organization. The Travel Bag can be worn as a backpack or carried with a shoulder strap, as the straps pack away for checking. The zippers can be “locked” for safe traveling through sketchy areas. There is a designated laptop sleeve – and so much more! 

Shop Topo Designs Global Travel Bag 30L ($200)

52. Smith Wildcat Sunglasses

Grey and green athletic sunglasses

Sunglasses that do it all. From winter sports to summer activities these glasses provide excellent coverage no matter the activity, without compromising style and comfort.

The Smith Wildcat glasses come with a clear lens for bike riding and a nice hard case that holds the glasses and any number of backup lenses.

Trust me, this is one gift for outdoorsy guys that he will never want to take off.

Shop Smith Wildcat ($209)

53. Smith Squad MAG Snow Goggle

black ski goggles

The perfect combination of style and function the Smith Squad Mag looks good, is low profile, and can easily be worn with or without a helmet (always wear a helmet).

The MAG in the title is the key. It allows for quick and easy replacement of the lens with whatever other lens they may need. Say the weather changes from clear to stormy, change for a lighter tinted lens for better visibility, and enjoy your ski day longer. 

Shop Smith Squad MAG ChromaPop Snow Goggles ($240)

54. Apple Airpods Pro Headphones

white headphones

You may be thinking, what are these doing on this list? But hear me out. These headphones have three levels of noise cancelling which means you can safely wear them on a run or on the bike.

You can then turn on noise canceling while on the airplane and have total peace and quiet for your inflight movie. When they die, pop them in their case and they will begin charging back up again – genius! However they are used, they will never be left behind again. 

Shop Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) ($250)

55. BioLite Fite Pit+

Black Portable Fire Pit

Looking for a fire fit you can take anywhere with you? What about one that is smokeless, and comes with a built-in fan – that can also charge your devices? I know, it sounds too good to be true but it’s not.

The BioLite Fire Pit+ is just that. It is exceptionally packable and can be brought on the road with you. You can also throw some veggies or dogs on top of the grill plate and get your BBQ on. 

Shop BioLite FirePit+ ($250)

56. Blundstone Thermal Chelsea Boot

The Blundstone Thermal Boot is a boot for any occasion.

Blundstone Boots are such an incredible gift they also made the cut for my Gift Guide for Outdoorsy Girls. These boots are the perfect combination of style and durability.

They are fully waterproof with sheepskin insoles, and insulation all around. Gift your outdoorsy guy some style, comfort, functionality, and durability this winter with these boots.

Both Cole and I practically wear ours year-round.

Shop Blundstone Thermal Boot ($260)

57. Arc’teryx Atom LT Insulated Jacket

green insulated jacket

The Arc’teryx Atom LT jacket has to be the most versatile piece of clothing in any jacket category.

This synthetically insulated gift for outdoorsy guys resists moisture while retaining warmth. The simple style encourages daily wearing, while the Arc’teryx name ensures life-long durability.

Cole wears this jacket every day and in any scenario: from chilly nights on Hawai’i’s beaches to sub-10-degree days at Mt. Bachelor.

Shop Arc’teryx Atom Insulated Hoodie ($300)

58. Nemo Stargazer Chair

green stargazer chair

Okay, I know we listed two other chairs earlier in this gift guide, but trust me they are all different – especially the Nemo Stargaze Chair. This chair allows you to fully recline to look up at the night sky, or catch some rays and work on that tan. And it still packs down small enough to take with you on any adventure.

Shop NEMO Stargaze Reclining Camp Chair ($300)

59. YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

Chances are you already know the name YETI and the coolers that they make. Well, that’s for a good reason. YETI makes one of the highest quality coolers on the market today and continues to be one of the leading brands in cold food and even colder drinks. Surprise your outdoorsy guy with the best, get him a YETI Tundra 45 – he won’t be able to thank you enough.

Shop YETI Tundra 45 Cooler ($325)

60. Coros Apex 2 GPS Watch

gps smart watch

Everyone is wearing GPS watches these days that provide them with awesome data from their hike, bike, or ski tour. The watches also keep us linked into whatever app we’d like – from texts to emails and app notifications. But, you may have also noticed the price points for these watches feel unattainable – until the COROS APEX. This watch is packed with features and only needs to be charged about every two weeks. 

Shop COROS APEX 2 ($350)

If you still can’t make up your mind on the best gift for your outdoorsy guy, you can never go wrong with gifting an REI Gift Card so he can choose the perfect gift himself.

Remember to show the outdoorsy girls in your life some love this time of year as well. Here are 30 unique gift ideas for outdoorsy girls they’ll be stoked to receive.

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