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An orange and gray tent staked near the canyon rim at Goosenecks Campground at sunset
Arizona Travel Utah

The Ultimate Arizona-Utah Road Trip Itinerary: 20 Stops You Can’t Miss

When asked what my favorite trip I’ve ever taken is, I always quickly respond with, “Easily, our epic three-week Arizona-Utah road trip!” There’s something incredibly captivating about the southwest. When we were there, I’m not sure I fully understood what all the hype was about. Yet, since leaving, I can’t help but constantly be planning …

Vibrant Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park
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How to Spend One Epic Day in Yellowstone National Park

Spending at least one day in Yellowstone needs to be at the top of everyone’s National Park bucket list. Yellowstone National Park is so unique, bordering supernatural, that it must be experienced firsthand to truly understand its draw. The park is tremendous in size, comprised of over 2 million acres littered with geysers, hot springs, …