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A clear view of Mt. Jefferson from Black Butte Trail
Hiking Oregon

Hiking Black Butte Trail Near Sisters, Oregon

Black Butte Trail is a challenging hike that takes adventurous trail-goers to one of the most stunning viewpoints in all of Central Oregon. Located just outside the charming town of Sisters, Black Butte Trail offers sweeping, panoramic views of the Cascade Mountain Range. After a short, albeit grueling, uphill trek, hikers are rewarded with unobstructed, …

Skier standing in front of Jefferson View Shelter with mountains in the background
Hiking Oregon

Adventuring to Jefferson View Shelter in Sisters, Oregon

Looking for winter wonderland views that make you stop in your tracks and say, “Daaangg”? Then it’s time to plan an adventure to Jefferson View Shelter in Sisters, Oregon. As a winter romanticizer myself, I’ve done my fair share of cold-weather adventuring around Central Oregon and can confidently say that our morning spent touring to …

Turquoise blue lake surrounded by brown gravel at the South Sister Summit
Hiking Oregon

South Sister Summit: Challenging (But Worth It!) Hike in Bend, OR

The South Sister Summit has a reputation that proceeds it. Is it worth the challenge? That’s the question we were looking to answer when we landed our South Sister Trail permit. The hike up South Sister Summit is steep and scrambly from the moment you set foot on the trail. Though my hiking crew exchanged …

Brown jagged peaks of the Broken Top Summit
Backpacking Hiking Oregon

Broken Top Hike: Summiting Broken Top via Green Lakes Trail

Summiting Broken Top is absolutely epic. It’s spellbinding in itself to drive around Bend, Oregon, admiring the Cascade Mountain Range from the ground, but it’s a completely different, intoxicating experience to witness the mountains from the summit of Broken Top. The Broken Top hike is rugged, challenging, stunning, and above all, an adventure for the …

Two hikers follow Green Lakes Trail along a lake with Broken Top Mountain in the distance
Backpacking Hiking Oregon

Green Lakes Trail: Stunning Hike in Bend, Oregon

Green Lakes Trail is the best hike near Bend, Oregon if you ask me. Not only is the trail itself enchanting, but it’s the perfect launching point for those looking to summit nearby South Sister or Broken Top — both must-do hikes in Bend. Green Lakes Trail takes hikers past several waterfalls, through dense forest, …