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Towering red and orange rock surrounding Mouse's Tank Road in the Valley of Fire
Hiking Nevada

10 Epic Valley of Fire Hikes You Can’t-Miss

Nestled in the heart of the Mojave Desert lies several very highly underrated Valley of Fire hikes you can’t miss. The Valley of Fire State Park boasts awe-inspiring red sandstone formations, ancient petroglyphs, and breathtaking vistas making the park a hiker’s playground. While the State Park doesn’t receive nearly the attention of other U.S. Southwest …

Towering red rock fine and rock formations along the White Domes Trail
Hiking Nevada

White Domes Trail: Unique Hike in the Valley of Fire State Park

The White Domes Trail is one of our favorite trails in the Valley of Fire State Park. Over the last couple of years we have spent months adventuring around the U.S. Southwest and only just stumbled upon the fascinating hikes in the Valley of Fire on our most recent visit. While the Fire Wave Trail …